North Carolina has second-lowest car insurance premiums nationwide, according to report

North Carolina has second lowest car insurance premiums nationwide, but rates are on the rise, according to The Zebra, the largest car insurance comparison marketplace in the U.S..

The report showed national rates are at an all-time high, 3.3 percent higher than 2015 and 11 percent higher than 2011.

While North Carolina rates are some of the lowest in the country, but premiums are about 15.5 percent higher than they were five years ago, according to The Zebra.

The report showed North Carolina’s average annual car insurance premium is $817.

Here’s a breakdown of how much residents pay in major North Carolina cities:

  • Charlotte - $852
  • Raleigh - $810
  • Durham - $782
  • Greensboro - $768
  • Winston-Salem - $732

Getting a speeding ticket or DWI can impact car insurance in North Carolina.

There’s a $45 insurance penalty for North Carolina residents caught texting while driving. Speeding will raise rates by $275 to $404.  If a driver is caught driving recklessly, then they could pay $776 more.  A driver’s insurance rate could skyrocket more than $2,700 if they get a DWI.