North Carolina ICUs continue to fill up as COVID hospitalizations top 3,700

CHARLOTTE — On Wednesday, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 7,248 new daily COVID-19 cases across the state. On Tuesday, the NCDHHS reported 5,351 new cases.

The percent of positive tests in the state is currently at 13.8%, down from Tuesday’s mark of 14.6%, which was the highest that metric had been for the month of August.

As of Tuesday, 3,757 people across North Carolina were in the hospital with COVID-19, up 145 from the day before.

There are currently 926 adult COVID-19 ICU patients in the state, down slightly from Tuesday’s record-high 941.

In the past 24 hours, 438 confirmed COVID-19 patients were admitted into North Carolina hospitals -- the highest that number has been since mid-January.

North Carolina currently has the highest level of hospitalized and ventilated COVID-19 inpatients it has seen since the state started tracking that number in June. 631 inpatients are hospitalized and on a ventilator.

The NCDHHS said 61% of adult North Carolinians are fully vaccinated.

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