• 'Obamacare Enrollment' signs across Charlotte posted illegally

    By: Elsa Gillis


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The signs are posted across Charlotte in high-traffic areas that read "Obamacare Enrollment," with a number to call.

    According to Charlotte city ordinances, many of the signs are posted illegally.

    City of Charlotte officials said they weren't aware of the signs, but confirmed if they're hanging on any post or pole, they are not permitted to be there.

    Eyewitness News reporter Elsa Gillis called the local number listed, to see who was behind the signs.


    Someone picked up quickly, asking Gillis questions about whether or not she already had insurance. When she asked if they had a Charlotte office, she was told they were located in Wisconsin.

    After speaking with a supervisor, he said the call center connects people with local agents to sign up for Obamacare.

    When Gillis asked who the company was behind the signs, or who paid for them, he couldn't tell her.  Channel 9 has reached out to federal officials with healthcare.gov for information on this as well.

    Julieanne Taylor, an insurance navigator with the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, said the best way to sign up is to connect with someone legitimate.

    The statewide number is 855-733-3711, or, you can visit https://localhelp.healthcare.gov/ for help.

    "It's so important to go online or call the statewide phone number,” Taylor said.

    Taylor said now that the government has cut back on the window to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, it's important to get help early.

    "We know that since it is a shorter open enrollment period and there are less navigators, we want to make sure that people are making those appointments," Taylor said.

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