• Occupy Charlotte rallies ahead of Thursday court hearing

    By: Dan Tordjman


    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - The Occupy Charlotte group was kicked off the lawn of the Old City Hall, but protesters said they are not leaving without a fight.

    The group held a rally Tuesday morning in front of the Government Center in uptown Charlotte.

    Occupy Charlotte officials said they were rallying as a way to warn the public about “DNC fever,” claiming the city’s new ordinances enacted ahead of the Democratic National Convention are a panicked attempt to keep the city beautiful at the expense of infringing on Occupy Charlotte’s First Amendment rights.

    Just a week ago, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers enforced the city’s new anti-camping ordinance and booted Occupy protesters from their four-month-long campsite. Seven protesters were arrested in the process.

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    SLIDESHOW: CMPD forces protesters out of uptown Charlotte park

    Mecklenburg County commissioners will meet Tuesday night to discuss adopting tougher rules countywide to limit Occupy’s ability to protest outside of city limits.

    Occupy Charlotte leaders have grown so frustrated with the new rules being imposed for the DNC, they filed a suit against the city.

    CMPD reported they spent nearly $500,000 dealing with Occupy Charlotte, including $18,000 on the day they removed the group from the park.

    After the group was ousted from the park, health department officials were called in when police learned some of the protesters might have been using a storm drain as an outdoor toilet. Results from those tests have not yet been announced. 

    The issues will go before a judge on Thursday.

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