More than a million dollars in beer going bad in NC due to virus

NORTH CAROLINA — You may have heard that drinking is on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, but the people aren’t drinking beer fast enough to keep it from going bad.

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Brewers like Lone-Rider in Raleigh, North Carolina, kicked up production in anticipation of March Madness and North Carolina Beer Month, but with those events canceled, the beer was no longer good for sale.

Rather than pour it all down the drain, they are giving the beer to a local distiller who turns it into ethanol and then tuns it into hand sanitizer.

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Owner Smit Vohra said everyone is trying to do their part.

“They’re working extremely long hours and we have a plan to get through it on the other side,” Vohra said.

The North Carolina Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association estimates more than a million dollars in beer is going bad in our state.

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