• Police: Man beat, robbed in Shelby Walmart parking lot

    By: Ken Lemon


    SHELBY, N.C. - Police said surveillance video shows the moment when a man was attacked and robbed outside a Walmart in Shelby.

    That victim is recovering from a fractured skull and said he thinks he was targeted.

    Police are still looking for the man they believe hit Clay Wray so hard that the blow knocked him out as he left this Walmart.

    He fell on the ground and suffered a skull fracture.

    As he lay there, the thieves grabbed his money and left in a stolen car.

    Surveillance cameras captured Wray's silhouette as he walked across the parking lot when someone approached and hit him.

    "I saw a dude walking beside me and that's the only thing I remember," Wray said.

    He had just gotten his income tax money back and cashed his check.

    As he got money, the three assailants came into the store and got cash for cellphones at an automated machine.

    "They just wanted some money and they got me," Wray said.

    At some point, they saw Wray counting the $915 in cash as he left the store then they followed, waiting for the moment to strike.

    "I wasn't paying attention I was excited that I got some money,” Wray said. “I was excited that I was going to pay some bills."

    Robert Sutton is the shadowy figure that hit Wray and left him with a fractured skull, bruises and no money, police said.

    "Here they come and they destroyed everything that I worked all year for," Wray said.

    Police later pursued 18-year-old Christian Campbell in this stolen car.

    A trooper rammed the car from behind forcing him off of N.C. Highway 74 near the Moss Lake exit.

    He was arrested there and they later captured Tykee Johnson.

    Wray is still nursing his wounds and hoping that the man that police said caused those injuries turns himself in.

    Police recovered $120 from the two men now in custody. They can't prove that it is the money taken from Wray.
    Now, Wray is wondering how he is going to pay those bills.

    Warrants were issued for Robert Lamont Sutton of 128 Hillcrest Drive in Shelby.

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