Outdoor heaters in demand as families gather outdoors over holidays

CHARLOTTE — Weather conditions will be good to have Thanksgiving dinner outside, meteorologist John Ahrens said.

However, you may want to have an outdoor heater, which are in high demand this year.

“Indoor gatherings, especially those with poor ventilation (for example, small enclosed spaces with no outside air), pose more risk than outdoor gatherings,” the CDC stated in its holiday celebration guidance during the pandemic.

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Blackhawk Hardware in the Park Road Shopping Center is selling out of the heaters as quickly as they get them in.

It is a trend seen across the country.

“It’s pretty quick,” said Craig Anderson, general manager at Blackhawk Hardware. “It’s almost like the snow and sleds. When something’s going on, the public grabs it and goes with it.”

There is a variety of patio heaters available if you can find them.

The New York Times tested mushroom-top propane towers, pyramid-style propane towers, electric heat lamps and tabletop heaters.

Click here to see the results.

No matter the model, make sure your patio is prepared for the heater. Look at the space and ceiling height, decide what fuel source you’ll use and figure out your budget, The Washington Post reported.

There are other options when you can’t find a patio heater.

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You can get a fire pit, but remember that they’re just like a campfire and have to be safely extinguished, the Post reported.