Panthers, NFL crack down on fake ticket scams

Panthers, NFL crack down on fake ticket scams

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Carolina Panthers are working to cut down fake ticket sales.

Only fans with paper tickets or who have their ticket on the Panthers app will be allowed into Bank of America Stadium on game day.

[LINK: Panthers mobile ticket guide]

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The Panthers host the Miami Dolphins Friday night for a preseason game for their first home game of the season.

A few fans who spoke with Channel 9 outside the stadium including one who got scammed with fake tickets agree with the ticket policy.

T.J. Kiker said he lost $600 on two fake tickets at a Monday night Panthers game last season.

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"It's a bad feeling when you walk into the stadium with your family or friends and they tell you your tickets are no good,” Kiker said.

Now, the Panthers and all other NFL teams replaced print-at-home pdf tickets with mobile ticketing, which works only through the official Panthers app and Ticketmaster.

Kiker said it's easy to get scammed the old way.

"They have a barcode,” Kiker said. “They make them look as original as they do from the stadium."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they often see someone scammed out of a lot of money at least once a game.

Most of the time, police can't do much.

In Kiker's case, he got lucky.

"The way I got him was, acted like somebody else on another phone trying to buy more tickets and bought for it, and that's how I got my money back,” he said.

You can still get original tickets printed.

Those can be resold, but to get them officially through the Panthers, you have to be a season ticket holder.

But even they have been using mobile tickets, too.

"It's just on your phone, it's just easier to keep up with,” Kiker said. “Haven't had any problems with it."

The new ticket policy is already in place, so you can expect it if you plan to attend Friday night’s preseason game.

If you have trouble with cell service or in the rare case don't have a cellphone, call 704-358-7800 to get your tickets on game day.

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