12 students treated, 2 taken to hospital after falling ill at McClintock MS

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Paramedics responded Thursday afternoon to McClintock Middle School after 12 students reported feeling dizzy and lightheaded, school officials said.

Channel 9 was at the school and witnessed one student drop to the ground as he was led to an ambulance, while another student was taken on a stretcher.

Paramedics set up a makeshift triage area to help those who had fallen ill. Officials said two students were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Student Jezael Javier said he saw some students pass out, and he got sick, too.

"I went outside, and my head started hurting, and I felt like passing out," Javier said.

Another student, Jayden Houston, also felt sick.

"I saw a lot of kids passing out, and I had a headache." Houston said.

Houston's mother, Terika Taylor, was rattled by the ordeal.

"This is my one child. My main concern is him, and I get him to the school to take care of him, then I get this call. (It) has me a little bit concerned," Taylor said.

A message was sent to parents that said the illness appears to be heat-related, but school officials couldn't be sure.

Jermaine Johnson works nearby McClintock and rushed to the school when he heard the ambulances. He said he's having trouble understanding how heat in February could make so many students sick.

"It's very concerning, you know, I was scared for my son's life," Johnson said. "It's hot, but it's not that hot."

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