Parents suing school district after 4-year-old with autism attacked on bus

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — The Chesterfield County school district is facing a federal lawsuit after a terrible incident on a school bus was captured on video.

The video, which is difficult for any parent to see, shows a student repeatedly hitting a 4-year-old girl with special needs.

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The incident happened last year, and now the girl's family is suing.

The child, who police said was attacked on a Chesterfield County school bus last November, can't speak and has other special needs.

(WARNING: The video below may be difficult for some to watch)

Her parents are suing the district, claiming it didn't do enough to prevent or stop the attack.

The family's attorney released video of the incident last month. Police said the girl was repeatedly beaten, bitten and punched by a 9-year-old boy.

The child can't talk, but can be heard screaming and crying.

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The lawsuit alleges gross negligence against the school district and the South Carolina Department of Education. It says they failed to protect, provide adequate safety measures, monitor the child and other students and properly train employees.

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The lawsuit asks for money for injuries, medical costs and transportation costs.

The school district fired the bus driver and the sheriff charged him with unlawful neglect.

District leaders also said they were looking at adding monitors on all buses.

The school district has not responded to the lawsuit.