Pastors push for end to gun violence after recent shootings

Pastors push for end to gun violence after recent shootings

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — Several shots were fired into a home Sunday night on Lylon Street in Gaston County, police said.

The front door, a closet and the front steps were struck by the gunfire, police said.

A woman inside the home said her 14-year-old son heard the gunshots as they slept upstairs.

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She said she woke to find bullets in her living room.

“Using guns is so dangerous and so final,” Gaston County Pastor John McCullough said.

The Revs. McCullough and Pierre Crawford are part of a group of Gaston County ministers who have been calling for an end to gun violence.

“Guns are not the solution,” said Crawford, of Center Baptist Church.

They are worried that gunplay is going too far.

There have not been injuries in the recent random shootings, but the pastors worry it could happen if it continues.

“And for what? What’s so important?” Crawford asked.

The pastors said the crimes are preventable.

“That’s not the answer,” McCullough said.

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