• People concerned over food bank eviction

    By: Dave Faherty


    CALDWELL COUNTY - One of the largest food banks in the foothills could soon be forced out of the building it has called home for years.

    Volunteers at Storehouse Daily Bread Ministry are hoping to find another location so they can keep helping thousands of needy families.

    Shirley Register has been coming to the nonprofit for three years to help make ends meet for her and her family. Monday could be her last visit, as the ministry is supposed to be out of the building by Wednesday.

    “What if my kids go hungry? This food helps, even if it is just a little bit. It helps my kids a lot. Food stamps is never enough,” Register said.

    Each week the charity provides food to hundreds of families across Caldwell County. People started lining up at 6 a.m. Monday, three hours before opening.

    “It feeds so many people. A lot of people here are out of jobs and they rely on this food to help,” said Arelee Coffey, a retiree. “Makes a difference in my life because sometimes I’ll be way down and the service helps a lot.”

    Pastor Rick Bowman told reporter Dave Faherty he believes the building had been gifted to them by a local businessman. Channel 9 contacted the bank, who said they have no record of that transaction.

    The bank allowed the nonprofit to stay while it foreclosed on the previous owner and looked for a new buyer. Bowman hopes the charity can get more time to move the food and find another location.

    “It’s not a witch hunt against the bank or anybody else. We’re not against anybody. We’re for God and God’s people, and try to help them the best we can,” Bowman said.

    Micky Shook also stood in line Monday. He is retired and leaving the outcome to a higher power.

    “I’m not really worried because it is all in God’s hands. If he wants to have another place, he’ll provide for it,” Shook said.

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    People concerned over food bank eviction