People from outside NC came to Charlotte to help sway voters, win election

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are just few weeks left until Election Day and every vote matters but that is even more true in North Carolina.

With campaigns focusing on the state, North Carolina could be the key to both the presidential race and who takes control of the Senate.

Campaigns have been spending tens of million of dollars in North Carolina alone to try and swing votes their way.

Candice Patricko, of California, has walked around Charlotte for weeks encouraging people to vote for President Donald Trump.

“I heard it was a very important state for us here, and every vote counts for us here,” Patricko said.

Democrat Tom Runge, of California, drove people to early voting sites and put up signs to help those who were experiencing problems.

“North Carolina for the past few cycles has been on the cusp going from red to blue. This turnout could have an impact on keeping North Carolina blue for many years,” he said.