Photo display held in Freedom Park to bring awareness to hostages held by Hamas

CHARLOTTE — Discussions between Israel and Hamas are on their way to reaching a deal to release dozens of hostages currently held in Gaza.

In an interview with ABC News, Israel’s U.S. ambassador said the deal would result in a pause in fighting for a few days.

Israeli troops have surrounded a Gaza hospital where they claim fighters from Hamas have set up a base. More than 30 premature babies have been evacuated from the hospital, but dozens of other patients are still inside.

In Queen City, concerned citizens gathered in Freedom Park on Sunday afternoon as a way to bring attention to the hostages’ desperate situation with a display.

Organizers called the event a mock soccer game, but instead of having actual players, each position was replaced by a picture of a person being held hostage by Hamas.

Those who put the event together say the display is symbolic of the innocent civilians who are currently absent from normal, daily life.

Roni Penchas grew up in Israel and saw Sunday’s event as an opportunity to give a voice to those who have been silenced.

“As a community here, we are far away from Israel, but we feel we must speak up for those that cannot speak up,” Penchas said.

Little information is known about the condition of the more than 230 hostages. The organizers of Sunday’s event say they are hopeful the Red Cross will be able to evaluate them soon.

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