• Pilot missing for 45 years receives military honors

    By: Brittney Johnson


    CHARLOTTE - An Air Force pilot missing for 45 years finally received military honors Sunday. Officials believe Capt. Glenn R. Cook was flying over Vietnam when his plane was shot down.

    Cook's sister, Jan Bradley, told Channel 9 her parents held on to hope their son would return home one day and never wanted to have a memorial service. Once they died, she felt it was time to honor her brother for his service, even though the military never recovered his remains.

    “I think this is a longtime overdue, I need to honor him for his sacrifice,” Bradley said.

    IMAGES: Pilot missing for 45 years receives military honors

    She said her brother could not wait to go to the Citadel in Charleston after graduating from Garinger High at 17 years old.

    “I think he was born to be military, he always kept his shoes shined and clothes lined up,” Bradley added.

    In 1969, the Air Force pilot was marking airstrikes when officials believe his plane was shot down.

    During the service, other service members detailed how comrades searched for the man they nicknamed “Cookie.” They also said his father paid for missionaries to travel to Vietnam to look for his son.

    “It was very sad. Our family was disrupted. Lives were changed on so many levels,” Bradley said.

    Like his parents, Cook’s best friend from high school never gave up hope.

    “One day I thought he was going to call me and say ‘Bouley, I've got nine kids in Vietnam. Come see me.’” Ray Bouley said.
    That call never came and Cook’s remains were never found.

    On Sunday, hundreds saluted the serviceman, promising he'll never be forgotten.

    “It's a beautiful sight and all these people who came to honor my brother...it’s overwhelming,” Bradley said.

    Cook left behind a wife and a son born three months after he disappeared. There is now a grave marker

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