• Rough winter leaves behind potholes in Pineville

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    PINEVILLE, N.C. - The brutal winter has left its mark on Pineville roads, in the form of potholes -- dozens of them.

    Channel 9 has learned that the town's public works department can't fix all of them because it has run out of money budgeted for major road paving projects.

    Town Administrator Haynes Brigman admitted that last year the council didn't make long-term plans.

    “This winter was a little more rough than we had originally planned for, so there's some areas that won't be able to be addressed until the next budget year,” he said.

    Dorman Road is one of the worst roads when it comes to potholes but it is maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.   The town has reported the issues to NCDOT.

    But some drivers aren’t so patient. Martha Bradley said she visits her mother-in-law at a retirement center along Dorman Road.

    “I had to swerve my car out of the way and I almost hit a car on the other side because I'm trying to get away from the pothole,” she said.

    Bradley said the pothole problem in Pineville has become a public safety issue, especially at night.

    “It's very dark here and when you go into these potholes, your entire car goes in,” she said.

    The budget for the Public Works Department for the 2013-14 budget year is $647,900, with an additional $300,000 approved for special road paving projects. 

    The town has the funds right now to make minor road and pothole repairs. Municipal budgets run from July 1 to June 30, which means it is nearing the end of the budget cycle.

    The town council is now looking at next year's budget, which they'll vote on in July.

    “I think you'll see some changes in how we budget for those types of projects moving forward,” Brigman said.

    Drivers have had mixed reactions when it comes to the wait. 

    “There's always money,” Bradley said.

    Irene Cohen is more philosophical.

    “Who hasn't run out of money?” she asked.

    The city is also budgeting for a new dump truck and salt spreader to help clear roads next winter.

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