• Pineville police warn residents of scam targeting car buyers

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    PINEVILLE, N.C. - Pineville Police are warning residents about a scam targeting car buyers.

    It seems legitimate but they want you to know it isn’t!



    Police say scammers are posting pictures of real cars with the real car history report but when buyers proceed with the transaction, they typically lose around $1,500.

    Eyewitness News reporter Stephanie Tinoco spoke with a woman who says she did her research but still almost fell victim.

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    Stephanie Campese says she found a 2004 Nissan Altima on Cars.com but when she requested to contact the seller, the conversations that took place afterward were concerning.

    “[Seller] She said that her husband had recently passed away and she was staying with her sister and couldn’t meet me to see the car.”

    Campese says she checked Kelly Blye Book to make sure the deal wasn’t too good to be true and things seemed to check out but felt uncomfortable when the seller said the transaction had to be done through eBay Motors and would only accept eBay gift cards.

    “I was like something sounds funny why can’t I just pay them why do I have to buy these gift cards.”

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    Campese showed us an e-mail with an Ebay logo and colors but a customer service number that did not match Ebay’s customer service line. When we called the number, a man who claimed to be an Ebay representative hung up the phone.

    “It’s scary. There’s so much online shopping now a days people have to be so cautious."

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