Plaza Midwood residents celebrate Charlotte’s new bike lane opening

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Mardi Gras parade kicked off in Plaza Midwood Saturday to celebrate Charlotte’s new bike lane.

Neighbors dressed in their Mardi Gras best and walked or biked down the new, 1-mile bike lane. The project has been in the making for two years.

“That’s something I’ll definitely use, whether it’s on my rollerblades or bike or something,” said neighbor Dan Morgan.

The stretch of road was converted from two lanes to one lane with a separated bike lane.

The Charlotte Department of Transportation and the Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood Association teamed up to make the lanes a reality.

“We’re hoping today sets a precedent and an example we can look to and follow around the city as we look to advance our Vision Zero goals," said Will Washam, with the Charlotte Department of Transportation.

Charlotte has been pushing to make its roads safer for bikers, walkers and runners. It is one of 10 cities that have implemented the Vision Zero initiative, an effort to get down to zero deadly crashes by 2030.

So far, the initiative has cut down on crashes involving bicyclists in Charlotte.

The program redesigns high-risk areas and adds things like bike lanes and streetlights.

“The folks in the city were a huge part in making this happen. Not only the party today but the project itself and I just want everyone across the city to enjoy this," said a neighbor.

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