• Police: 4 teens shot at Statesville birthday party

    By: Eric Philips


    STATESVILLE, N.C. - Investigators in Iredell County are trying to track down whoever opened fire on a crowd of hundreds of teens over the weekend.

    Four teens attending a birthday party at the American Legion in Statesville were struck by bullets, including 19-year-old Christopher Campbell.

    "I didn't know what the intentions was, I just know I was hit," Campbell said.

    He is on crutches after being shot in the leg at the hall on Wallace Springs Road. He said bullets started flying and he was hit while he was helping a friend get into a car.

    "I was blindsided trying to help a fellow friend," Campbell said.

    Investigators in Statesville said there were nearly 200 teens at the party and four of them were shot after several fights broke out. Vanessa Davidson lives across the street from the American Legion and saw the panic.

    "We heard excessive gunfire," Davidson said. "Teenagers running that way, that way, up this way. And then we heard this one young girl saying, 'My brother. They shot my brother.' And so we're all traumatized."

    She said it's not the first time there's been gunfire during an event at the American Legion. She showed Eyewitness News a bullet hole in one of her windows.

    "Nothing is going to be done until somebody gets killed, and that's going be too late," Davidson said.

    Authorities said all of the victims will be OK.

    "I'm hurt, man. Know what I mean? I just want to know what's going on," Campbell said.

    Investigators canvassed the neighborhood Monday looking for information. They believe the shooter left the scene in a red or burgundy Nissan.

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