• Police: HS student accused of using stun gun on staff member

    By: Alexa Ashwell


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two students have been accused of bringing weapons to Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools this week, police said.

    Dytalion Reid is facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats.

    Officials said the 17-year-old student used a stun gun on a school employee Monday and also threatened to physically harm him at West Charlotte High School.

    “It’s just sad,” said Jowanda Holmes, whose grandchild attends school at West Charlotte High.

    “It’s just happening too much and too often,” said Janice Morris whose child attends the school.

    On Tuesday police arrested a student walking the halls of Ardrey Kell High School with a gun. Officials said he’d been carrying it in his backpack undetected for a couple of days. No one was hurt in that incident. 

    Channel 9 spoke with the head of the School Resource Officers Division about the Ardrey Kell incident Wednesday.

    Sgt. Celestine Ratliff said then there are no plans for any immediate security changes.

    “There are almost 3,000 students there (CMS) so there is no measure in place to check every single child,” said Ratliff.

    After learning about the second incident, Channel 9 reached back out to CMS.

    “The CMS Police Department frequently reviews cases to determine if improvements are warranted and implements them as necessary,” a CMS spokesperson said.

    But some parents think changes are needed now to keep weapons out of schools.

    “Me as a parent, I would like for my child to be safe going to school,” said Morris. “If they have to put metal detectors or examine the kids when they come in than that’s what has to be done.”

    CMS said both students are also facing disciplinary action from the school.

    Reid is due in court in November.

    Due to the age of the Ardrey Kell student, CMPD did not release a name or provide a mugshot.

    CMS statement:

    The safety and well-being of our students and staff is always our top priority. The CMS Police department frequently reviews cases to determine if improvements are warranted and implements them as necessary.

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