• Police hope to curb violence at Livingstone College

    By: Tina Terry


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Salisbury police were called to Livingstone College Tuesday night for the second time in five days.

    A spokesman for the school said five male students got into a fight and refused to stop, so campus police called the Salisbury Police Department to help.

    "I just heard it was a riot," said student Jamall Brown.

    Salisbury police arrested 20-year-old Karem Felton, a student at the school.

    "He was a friend of one of the guys involved in the fight and he tried to inject himself into it and that's why he was arrested," said StateAlexander, spokesman for the school.

    No one was injured Tuesday, but on Saturday, police said several students were hurt when people who do not go to the school came on campus and shot them with a pellet gun.

    In April, Salisbury police said they used gas and pepper spray to break up a fight involving about 100 students.

    An administrator at the school said those responsible for Tuesday's fight face serious punishment.

    They've also met with campus police to talk about ways to keep students safe, but they say most of the trouble has been caused by very few students.

    "You have a few people who don't understand how to operate within a civil society," said Alexander.

    Some students said they want more security on campus. Others said campus police are doing all they can.

    "I'm not scared. I'm not fearing for my life. I feel safe," said Jaylen Robinson.

    Administrators said the students shot with pellets on Saturday are out of the hospital and doing OK.
    Police are still searching for the shooters.

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