• Police arrest man in shooting at fast-food restaurant near Lake Wylie

    By: Tenikka Smith


    LAKE WYLIE, S.C. -  Deputies arrested a man who shot into car with baby inside at Burger King drive-thru

    York County deputies arrested for Kevin Allison, who goes by the nickname ATL. He's accused of shooting inside car during an attempted robbery at a Lake Wylie Burger King drive-through.
    A baby was in backseat.

    According to deputies, a woman, two men and that woman's baby were inside the car in the drive-through when Allison pulled up next to them got out and opened fire into their car.

    Deannah Nichols was behind the wheel. Deputies said her boyfriend in the front passenger seat was shot. She tried to drive him to the hospital but pulled over a few miles away where emergency crews met them and airlifted him to CMC. No one else was hurt.

    York County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Trent Farris said, "It's disturbing because someone who would fire a gun at anybody is already a pretty aggressive move, but to fire a gun to where there's other people in the car [and] children in the car is a dangerous person that we've got to get off the streets immediately."

    Channel 9 learned Allison was last arrested in June after he was charged with assaulting a man in the Cloverbrook mobile home community where he lives.

    It's the same neighborhood deputies said Allison also shot into a car with a man, his wife and infant daughter in April 2011.

    In that case Allison pleaded guilty to attempted murder and spent seven months in prison in 2012.
    Lolita Smith has family in this neighborhood and was disturbed to hear about Allison's history of violence.

    "I pray that God have mercy on this man's soul because you're not thinking about this child." Smith said. "He might have kids of his own and I wonder how he would feel if the shoe was on the other foot."

    Deputies said several other people witnessed the Burger King shooting. They also told Channel 9 the victim is expected to be OK.

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