• Police issue warning after Portuguese man o' wars wash up on Emerald Isle


    EMERALD ISLE, N.C. - Watch your step if you’re heading to Emerald Isle any time soon. Portuguese man o’ wars have been spotted washing up on the shoreline.

    The venomous creatures were spotted by Emerald Isle police officers on Wednesday.

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    The department issued a warning on its Facebook page saying several were seen laying in the sand along the beach strand.

    North Carolina is home to a dozen or so species of jellyfish, but man o’ wars are actually siphonophores, according to National Geographic.

    The man o’ war is distinct due to its painful sting.

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    The Emerald Isle Police Department said when beachgoers are walking out on the sand, to not touch or step on the creatures since they can still cause pain even if they are dead.

    If you get stung, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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