Police: Multiple shots fired outside bar in uptown Charlotte

Police: Multiple shots fired outside bar in uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police told Channel 9 multiple shots were fired outside a bar near uptown Charlotte Sunday night.

West Carson Street allegedly sounded like a war zone and the noise woke resident Graham Lawing out of a sound slumber.

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"I was just like, man, this is crazy," said Lawing.

Lawing said he picked up his phone and started recording.

"Shooting the video from far away I was kind of ducking down in case any stray bullets were gonna come my way," he said.

According to CMPD, there was a dispute inside of the Firehouse Bar and Lounge and the shots were fired when the argument moved outside.

Firehouse Bar and Lounge employees said those involved never came inside the bar and the dispute started outside and stayed there.

The gunfight was less than a block from a major apartment complex.

"Now that we hear it's gunshots it's really concerning because it's so close to us, so it's a bit scary to come out in the night side to take the dog for a walk," said resident Sanjay Krupashankal.

Investigators said the suspects didn't stick around for the police to show up, and they are looking through surveillance video to see if they can identify them.

Neighbors said the gunfire put everyone at risk.

"Who knows, if there is a Panthers game at night and me and my family were walking back to my apartment just happened to be walking by and accidentally got hit," said Lawing.

No injuries were reported, but the bullets damaged some empty cars.

This is an ongoing investigation. Check back with wsoctv.com for updates.

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