• Police officers brought in from all over to help at DNC


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Delegates are not the only ones coming to the Queen City this weekend.

    Busloads of officers rolled in to help Charlotte-Mecklenburg police patrol the Democratic National Convention.

    Most of the officers were bussed in from all over North Carolina Saturday afternoon.

    Some officers came in from as far away as Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

    They will spend the week helping patrol mostly the uptown area and many of them have already started.

    “Tonight you can expect to see some officers more prevalent out in the center city area, getting acclimated to the area,” said CMPD Maj. Jeff Estes.

    Authorities said some officer from North Carolina will even help CMPD officers patrol neighborhoods.

    Channel 9's news partner in Greensboro caught up with 150 police officers as they left Saturday morning.

    The DNC is an event these officers have been looking forward to for some time now.

    “We spent a number of months training for our roles once we get to Charlotte, so everybody’s been excited about going.  Now the time's here and we’re ready to get down there and help out,” said  Greensboro Police Officer Joel Cranford.

    The uniformed men will provide security, traffic control and crowd control.

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