Missing 17-year-old girl found safe after vanishing with pet poodle

Missing 17-year-old girl found safe after vanishing with pet poodle
Jewel McKie (CMPD)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said Thursday afternoon a missing 17-year-old girl and her pet poodle were found safe.

Jewel McKie left her home on Simsbury Road in the SouthPark area on her own, police said.

She had her pet poodle, Leo, with her.

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She was reunited with her family, and no foul play was involved, CMPD said.

When she was missing, Channel 9 spoke with neighbors on Wednesday, who said they were desperate for answers about what happened to Jewel on Sunday.

Neighbors said she lived at the Camden Foxcroft apartment complex, just across the street from the Foxcroft Shopping Center, but she never came back home. The area is flooded with families, cars and people always out and about.

Denise Arnett exercises in the area every day and said it's incredibly safe.

“People and their kids are out all the time walking, especially since the pandemic,” she said. “Everyone has been outside.”

But neighbors said they haven’t seen any search efforts in an attempt to find the girl. They’re asking for more information from police on where exactly she disappeared, given that the sun had not set when she left her home.

“The best time to find somebody who’s missing is within the first 24 hours,” said neighbor Charlie Beronee.

Neighbors like Beronee want to help but don’t know how.

“The parents don’t know where the child is, haven’t heard from the child.”

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