• Police seek more information in slaying of Maggie Daniels

    By: Tina Terry


    NEWTON, N.C. - Newton police are desperate to talk to key people who they think could help them solve the murder of a popular high school counselor.
    For more than two weeks, Channel 9 has followed the case of Maggie Daniels after a neighbor discovered her dead in her apartment.
    Police spent the past two days re-interviewing dozens of people asking follow-up questions and looking for any clues they may have missed.
    They said they want to talk to anyone who saw Daniels the week before she died.
    Many neighbors are worried no one has been arrested and said police interviewed them a second and third time this week.
    Police Chief Donald Brown said police and the State Bureau of Investigation officials have made some progress.
    They've conducted interviews with more than 100 people and have been able to eliminate several people as persons of interest.
    They're hopeful the process will lead them closer to a suspect.  
    He said they're also paying closer attention to Daniels' social media accounts.
    Last week, Channel 9 reported about a post on her Twitter page where someone told her to "be careful about a neighbor" and encouraged her to take "self-defense courses."
    Brown would not confirm if that's a big clue in the case.
    He's also calling on the public to help them finish a timeline of Daniels' final moments.
    "We’d like anybody with contact with Maggie or saw her a week prior to (the discovery) of her body on June 28 -- give us a call," he said.

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