• Police warn renters of woman renting homes she didn't own, manage

    By: Eric Philips


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are warning potential renters in Charlotte to be on the lookout for a woman who is accused of renting homes to at least two families that she didn't own or even manage.

    Eyewitness News talked to one of those victims who is now out hundreds of dollars.

    Police arrested Mele Tonga for renting out two homes in Charlotte to two women who did not know she was not the rightful owner.

    Police said in one case Tonga collected $750, and in another $1,400. Tonga denies it all.

    She said she has a legitimate business called Aloha Consultants Foreclosure and Auction Specialists that teaches people how to buy foreclosed homes.

    She said someone named Shonda conducted the crooked business in her name.

    Tonga could not put Eyewitness News in contact with Shonda.

    Eyewitness News showed Tonga's mugshot to one of the alleged victims.

    She had started moving some of her things in and noticed a carpet cleaner come and go. She looked into it and learned that they had been hired by a management company who was trying to rent the home.

    Tonga is charged with two counts of false pretense on Monday night.

    Police believe there are more victims out there.

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