Jail kitchen receives better health score than popular restaurants

Jail kitchen gets better health score than popular restaurants

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 recently learned that The Cheesecake Factory at SouthPark in Charlotte received a score of 83 in its latest health inspection by the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

In comparison, the Mecklenburg County Jail got a score of 96 in its health inspection.

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Some residents are worried about what is going on in the kitchen at the very popular restaurant.

Angie Zimmern said she expects a restaurant such as The Cheesecake Factory to be safe for families, including her own.

“Certainly, (in) this day and age, we would expect higher standards from the people who are preparing our food. That is a little surprising to hear,” Zimmern said about the 86 score.

An inspector “observed employees slicing tomatoes, touching parmesan, sprinkle garnish on plate and handle fries with bare hands,” according to the health inspection report.

The report also noted that 15 containers of sauce had to be thrown out because of issues with temperatures and that dates weren't marked on food such as chicken strips, wings and sliced pork.

“I think that's pretty low for a popular place that's well-known for their name too,” resident Pang Yang said.

A long-time staple of Dilworth, Thai Taste, got an 81 score.

An inspector observed employees prepping raw eggs with gloved hands and then touching ready-to-eat foods while wearing the same gloves.

Original New York Bagels in Huntersville got a score of 80.

An inspector found multiple dead cockroaches underneath equipment in the back of the kitchen at the bagel shop.

No one got sick at any of these restaurants, an inspector said.