Pregnant woman beaten at west Charlotte bus stop, CMPD says

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Still battered and bruised, a pregnant woman opened up to Channel 9 about the night she said a stranger attacked and beat her at a west Charlotte bus stop.

Olivia Onukogu, 25, is days away from delivering her first child. She showed reporter Alexa Ashwell the stitches and bruises on her face, while outside a local hotel Monday evening.

Onukogu and her boyfriend decided to stay at the hotel after a brutal attack at a bus stop left her shaken Saturday night.

Onukogu said she was standing at a bus stop on Ashley Road when a man, possibly in his 30s, walked up and started a conversation, one that didn't last long.

“He came up and was like, ‘I'm waiting for the bus just like you.’ And I was like, ‘OK.’ Then he slapped me on the butt to distract me and grabbed my purse,” said Onukogu.

She said the two ended up on the ground and when she managed to wrestle the purse back from the attacker’s hands, she said he began kicking her.

“He started kicking me in the face telling me to ‘shut up’ and then he just walked away,” said Onukogu

Onukogu said it wasn't until the attack was over that true fear set in.

“Anything can happen. It's a baby,” said Onukogu.

A sonogram at the hospital calmed her fears. Thankfully she and her future baby, Obari, which she said means "mighty" will be OK.

“I'm very thankful. I thank God every day that me and my baby are OK,” she said.

Onukogu described the assailant as a black man with a full beard. She said at the time of the attack he was wearing a toboggan and a navy-blue pullover with white writing.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Police have not released a detailed description of the attacker and it was not immediately known how badly the woman was hurt.

"He should feel ashamed of himself to take advantage of pregnant young lady like that,” CATS bus rider said Sherema Wall said. “She didn't deserve that."

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