• President's campaign answers questions about key issues

    By: Peter Daut


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - President Barack Obama's campaign addressed several key issues during the hour-long question and answer session, from political attack ads to whether Americans are truly better off now than they were four years ago.

    ABC News' Diane Sawyer and Jake Tapper moderated the event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

    Obama's campaign said the country is in better shape now than when he took office, listing the death of Osama bin Laden, the bailout of the auto industry and the health care law as examples.

    They acknowledged the president made some tough and often unpopular decisions but insisted he did what was best for the country.
    They say the president helped turn job loss into job growth, but he believes more still needs to be done

    When talking about some of the attack ads that Republicans have called flat out lies, Obama's campaign said they have a team of fact checkers.
    They also say they do not expect the president will get a major bounce in the polls after the convention since the race is so close.

    One of the lighter moments came when Diane Sawyer asked who would be introducing the president before his big speech Thursday night at Bank of America Stadium.

    The campaign would not say who, but quickly added it would not be Clint Eastwood. They also said the speech will happen rain or shine.

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    President's campaign answers questions about key issues