Processing Error: Family charged $1,800 for pizza from Domino's

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — A Gaston County family ordered a pepperoni pizza Friday night from Domino's which cost $18.81, but once they looked at their bank statement, it showed a charge of $1,881.

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"It's mind-blowing," Jeremy Webb said.

Webb showed reporter Ken Lemon the receipt.

"It processed for the right amount, except their computer system moved two decimals over," Webb told Lemon.

The charge spawned a series of overdraft charges and threatened payments for his mortgage and utilities. He caught it the next morning but said he could have easily missed it.

“If I can prevent this from happening to someone else, I'll be happy," Webb said.

He said several people at Domino's avoided him, and no one would help him fix the problem immediately.

"No one would even have the common courtesy to do that," he said.

Lemon contacted the owner of the store, Mark Patterson, who owns 57 other franchises in the Charlotte and Greensboro area.

"I'm sorry for what happened," Patterson said.

He said the problem occurred Friday with a third-party processor who handles payments for the chain.

The same thing happened to 2,500 random customers nationwide, 20 at his stores including one Domino's employee, and it could have happened to others who are unaware.

He said everyone was refunded, and the problem is solved.

Webb said he is never coming back to the store again. He also made changes on his account.

Now the bank will alert him of any charge over $1,000 and he has a separate spending account, so his checking account wouldn't get drained again.

The first thing a customer should do if this happens to them is to contact their bank.