Proposal to use CMPD training funds to bump city council pay shot down

Proposal to use some police training funds to bump Charlotte City Council pay is shot down

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The thought of raising the pay for Charlotte City Council members died as quickly as it came to life.

Council member Braxton Winston brought forward the proposal earlier this week, making the argument that the current pay structure allows only wealthy people to hold office.

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Winston sought to have the pay bumped to what Mecklenburg County commissioners make -- about $8,000 more than the Charlotte City Council members bring in each year for the part-time jobs. To pay for the bump, Council member Lawana Mayfield suggested taking $1 million from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department training funds.

>> Some members of Charlotte City Council said the proposal to take police training funds for their own salary increases was insulting. WATCH the video above for reaction during Thursday’s meeting.

Staff members said such a move wasn’t possible since the training money isn’t a recurring expense.

Winston was the only yes vote on Thursday for the motion.