Proposed CMS office could investigate misconduct of top officials

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board is ready to create an office that would hold top CMS leaders accountable if they were ever accused of any wrong-doing.

It would be called the Office of Compliance and Transparency.

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The CMS board believes such an office is needed after two former CMS superintendents were suspended -- most recently, Dr. Clayton Wilcox.

Dr. Clayton Wilcox

(Dr. Wilcox)

Wilcox was suspended and ultimately resigned after violating state law and board policy.

In 2014, Heath Morrison resigned following an investigation that he had mistreated employees and misled the board about the cost of a construction project.

If approved, the office would investigate any credible allegations of serious misconduct. It is geared toward top officials like the superintendent, general counsel, or any associate superintendent.

No budget has been set for the new proposed office, and it's unclear who would be involved.

Tonight will be the first reading of the proposal to create the office and people can sign up to speak and weigh in.

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