Protesters decry HB 370 as 'racist,' urge Cooper to veto

Protesters decry HB 370 as 'racist,' urge Cooper to veto

RALEIGH, N.C. — About two dozen people protested House Bill 370 in front of the executive mansion in Raleigh on Saturday, saying the bill backed by Republicans is inherently racist.

HB 370 would require local law sheriff’s offices to work with immigration officials under the 287(g) program. Simply put, the program requires local law enforcement to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when undocumented immigrants are booked into jail.

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Those that don’t would be fined $25,000 per each day of noncompliance.

The legislative push comes after sheriffs in some of North Carolina’s most populated counties -- including Mecklenburg County – pulled out of the 287(g) program in recent months.

"HB 370 is a racist bill. It's going to increase racial profiling," activist Coco Eva told WTVD's Michael Perchick. "It's going to make it so police has the power to act as ICE. And it's going to continue separating our families."

The group of activists delivered hundreds of notes to Gov. Roy Cooper on Saturday, asking him to veto the bill if it makes it through the Senate. It has already passed in the House.