Rae Carruth moved to lighter-security prison in NC


  • Former Panthers player Rae Carruth orchestrated murder of pregnant girlfriend in 1999 
  • Carruth was moved to a new, lighter-security prison in NC this week 
  • Carruth's son turns 16 next month, now attends high school

Channel 9 has learned that former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth, who is in prison for orchestrating the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, has been moved to a new, lighter-security prison in North Carolina.

Carruth, whose real name is Rae Wiggins, was convicted in the 1999 murder of Cherica Adams.

Adams was eight months pregnant with his child.

He was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to 24 years in prison, but he is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Carruth, 41, had been at the Harnett Correctional Institution, a medium custody facility in Lillington, North Carolina.

On Tuesday, he was moved to the Tyrell Prison Work Farm, a minimum custody facility in Columbia, North Carolina, near the Albemarle Sound.

The lower-security facility offers dormitory-style housing and additional privileges and freedoms.

Carruth currently works as a prison barber, making $1 per day.

He could choose to work on a road crew and he could eventually qualify for a work-release program outside the facility.

There are three levels of minimum custody:

  • Minimum Custody Level 1 - Inmates may work on the grounds or away from the prison facility as long as a correctional officer or agent is with them.
  • Minimum Custody Level 2 - Inmates may work on the grounds or away from the prison facility with an assigned supervisor from another government agency.  They may be eligible for short-term community passes with a trained volunteer who is certified to work with inmates.
  • Minimum Custody Level 3 - Inmates may be away from the prison facility for specific programs such as work release, home leave, jobs, school or other kinds of training.  Inmates are not supervised by correctional staff during these activities.

Carruth is currently at Level 1 of minimum custody. Over time, with good behavior, he could work his way up to Level 3, which could allow him to work outside the prison facility, without any supervision whatsoever.

Carruth's son Chancellor raised by grandmother

After Cherica Adams was shot, her son Chancellor was delivered by emergency C-section.

She died a month later.

Her mother Saundra Adams is raising Chancellor, who was born with cerebral palsy.

Several weeks ago, the two visited Channel 9 to tape a segment for the "Stand Up to Domestic Violence" special.

  • Click to watch raw video of Saundra Adams

Channel 9 saw firsthand just how well Chancellor is doing.

“Raising Chancellor is truly a blessing to me. I had no idea that I would be thrust into this role, but Chancellor has done more than just survive, he has definitely thrived,” Saundra Adams said.

Chancellor is now a freshman in high school and turns 16 next month. His grandmother said he is very involved in school and social activities.