• Action 9: Replacement clauses important in warranties

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - When a woman's floor tile was buckling, the company she bought it from agreed to replace it, but she still needed Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke's help for a problem she didn't see coming.

    Bunny Chillcott bought tiles for her basement and just weeks later, noticed something wrong.

    The tiles were puffing up in the middle like a pillow.

    Ultimately, the company agreed to replace the tiles but told her she'd have to pay workers to put them in again.

    "I didn't like it. I did not like it," Chillcott said.

    Action 9 got her roughly $1,400 toward labor -- that was enough to cover the job.

    But she also feels she could have avoided this headache.

    She made sure there was a warranty but didn't look at exactly what it said.

    Warranties are among the topics the North Carolina Consumers Council hears about most.

    Make sure the warranty doesn't just cover replacements. See if it covers things like shipping and labor.

    After all, Chillcott has a lot riding on this floor.

    She's trying to sell her house and said the bad tile scared off two potential buyers already.




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    Action 9: Replacement clauses important in warranties