• Report: Hit-and-run accidents surge in NC

    By: Brittney Johnson


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Channel 9 investigation has found that hit-and-run accidents have surged over the past two years. 
    Last year, state troopers saw more than 6,000 hit-and-run accidents in North Carolina, and troopers said they can be difficult to investigate.
    An Iredell County family is desperate to find the driver who slammed into their son's car, sending him in to a ditch. 

    David Angelucci is grateful his son is alive.

    “When I first saw the car it looked like my son was dead,” he said.

    David Angelucci Jr. was driving down Cornelius Road when a driver swerved into his lane.

    “I lost control and ended up flipping in the field three or four times,” Angelucci Jr. said.

    By the time help arrived, the other driver was gone leaving the 18-year-old behind, bruised and with a concussion.

    Witnesses passed along details about the red Dodge truck and a partial license plate number but it wasn't enough.
    The Angeluccis learned Monday the case was closed.
    "They stopped the search too early. This guy's out there. He is going to hurt somebody," Angelucci Sr. said.
    Channel 9 learned the number of hit-and-run crashes jumped by roughly to 6,375 cases from 2013 to 6,543 crashes in 2014.
    So far in 2015, there have been 4,100 accidents that have resulted in 13 fatalities. 
    "Do you all have the resources to thoroughly investigate all of the hit-and-runs that you see?"

    Channel 9 reporter Brittney Johnson asked Trooper John Burgin.
    "Unfortunately we do not," Burgin said.

    Their biggest challenge is getting victims to record the full license plate number, Burgin said.

    "We do try to help people as much as we can but sometimes we are limited on our resources, " he said.

    The Angeluccis plan to continue pushing law enforcement to help bring the driver to justice. 

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