Residents concerned about safety at bus stop on dangerous Chester County road

Residents concerned about safety at bus stop on dangerous Chester County road

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. — A Chester County grandmother said the school year has started off with lots of nerves and worry.

She walks her grandkids to the school bus stop each morning on Thrailkill Road, a country road near Fort Lawn.

Sharon Cousar is concerned about safety at that stop.

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Drivers speed past and there's no shoulder for children to escape out of the way.

Cousar said her son was once hit and injured on the road.

"I just wanna get this solved because I am scared for my kids, my grandkids,” Cousar said.

The Chester County school bus that stops at the end of her driveway in the afternoon, stops at the next driveway in the morning.

Cousar took a cellphone video Thursday morning as a truck sped by while she was walking her grandchildren to the bus stop.

She told Channel 9 she is worried one of them is going to get hit by a car.

"I make sure I have a bright shirt on and I put the kids in front of me and I walk behind,” Cousar said.

Channel 9 reporter Greg Suskin walked with Cousar to see how far the walk was.

It was timed to be just over a four-minute walk, but in the morning, it’s still relatively dark and there’s no place for the children to walk, except for a ditch on the side of the road.

Chester County school officials said that by state law, bus stops must be at least two-tenths of a mile apart.

But there can be exceptions if there's a safety issue.

"If it concerns kids' safety, that rule can be broken,” Cousar said.

School officials said they will send a transportation official to take a look at Thrailkill Road to see if a change can be made.

District officials said that with this being the first week of school, some bus routes still are still being adjusted.

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