• Naked man in doorway could face charges, police say

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A man accused of exposing himself at his front door in one local neighborhood could be arrested if he does it again.

    Residents upset over naked neighbor in north Charlotte
    Community members met Monday night with police to discuss the problem, which has been going on for years.
    Members of the homeowners association said they're happy about the progress being made to stop it from happening again.

    “Right now the neighborhood is at peace because what we're getting ready to do now is let the law take its course," said Xavier Hodges, HOA president.
    Eyewitness News found court records showing the man had been charged before with indecent exposure, but in each of those cases prosecutors dismissed the charges.
    The paperwork was destroyed, so prosecutors couldn't say why they dismissed the charges.

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