• Residents rattled by earthquake near Pageland

    By: Greg Suskin


    PAGELAND, S.C. - Residents near Pageland woke up early Thursday morning to a tremor and a strange sound. A magnitude 2.2 earthquake hit in the area.

    The U.S. Geological Services said the earthquake hit just after 1 a.m. between McCray Road, Dogwood Circle and Robinson Road at a depth of more than a half-mile below ground.

    “I felt, like, a vibrating under my feet,” Jamie Reynolds said. “You could hear a little something going on, but you could shrug it off as one of the trucks out here.”

    Reynolds said it's the second earthquake he has experienced in Chesterfield County. He remembered one about a decade ago.

    "That one, it went through the whole house, from one end to the other. Now, this is number two," Reynolds said.

    Reynolds lives the closest to the epicenter of the earthquake.

    But even residents who live farther away felt it.

    Joanne Burch said the quake shook her house and woke her up.

    "The whole house shook. I've never been through anything like that in my whole life," Burch said. "It scared me. It really did. It really scared me."

    The earthquake didn’t do any damage or cause any injuries. 

    There is a fault line that stretches from near the South Carolina coast up into North Carolina. The U.S. Geological Survey said as many as 10 earthquakes hit in South Carolina every year. Experts said most are weaker than a magnitude 3.0 and are not noticed. 

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