Residents still waiting on financial help to rebuild 4 years after Hurricane Florence

CHARLOTTE — Many residents affected by Hurricane Florence four years ago are still waiting on financial help to rebuild.

The Category 4 hurricane, which made landfall near Wrightsville Beach and pushed westward, claimed more than 40 lives.

Thousands of homes have yet to be rebuilt after North Carolina got hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Aid.

The state held an inquiry Wednesday into why so many people are still displaced. They heard from people, including Geraldine Williams, who is still living in a hotel.

“We are so disappointed in what we’ve had to endure, and the time that we’ve been in this hotel,” Williams said. “We were told originally that we would we were going to have a remodel, which turned into a rebuild, which took it took a year and a half to get to remodeling that they’d never did complete because they decided to do a reveal.”

Williams said she could not get answers on a start or end date for rebuilding her home.

“We have basically felt I feel that we have been totally deprived of any home in any type of living that we’re used to. We’re retired military. We don’t really have to live in a hotel that we have no control of our surroundings, our environment or anything and I just think it’s appalling. It’s just simply appalling.”

In the video at the top of this webpage, meteorologist John Ahrens learns more about the pleas for assistance from the government.

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