• Residents want speed limit lowered in Bessemer City neighborhood

    By: Gina Esposito


    BESSEMER CITY, N.C. - Deanna Guin said she has lived on West Indiana Avenue since the '70s, and has never seen so much traffic. 

    "This is quiet time, but anytime between 3 and 7, people are just racing up and down this road," said Guin.

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    She said one time she barely escaped a speeding car while she was mowing her lawn.

    "He didn't stop ... just gone." she said. "I’m just scared to death one of these kids are going to get hit."

    Neighbors believe drivers use the road, which has a posted speed of 35 mph, as a cut through to Highway 161. Before last month, West Indiana Avenue didn't even have a speed limit sign, but now it does.

    "I don’t know why they put 35 mph, it should be 20 mph or 25 mph," said Guin.

    Guin said police have helped by increasing patrols on the three-tenths of a mile street to a few times a month.

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    In an email, City Manager James Inman said, "We have conducted studies in the area and have found no evidence of speeding. The signs were placed there at the request of the emailer." He added, "They could petition council, but without any accidents on that street I’m not sure how city engineers would recommend."

    Channel 9 did find similar neighborhoods in Bessemer City where the speed limit was posted at 25 mph, including West Iowa Avenue, which is not too far from a high school.

    The city of Charlotte took steps last year to help residents make changes in its neighborhoods.

    Speed limits were lowered in residential neighborhoods from 35 mph to 25 mph.

    In the past, residents needed to petition to get speed bumps. Now all it requires is a signature from just one homeowner.

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