Residents who live near creeks upset by flooding issues

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Mecklenburg County is responding to people upset that their homes and neighborhoods flooded during last month's heavy rain.

Commissioners decided to figure out if they could do anything to prevent more flooding in the future. County commissioners said they're willing to study the issues many people were complaining about Tuesday night.

But that's also part of the issue -- the residents are upset they had to complain to get something fixed.

Neighbors who live near Stewart Creek were holding signs at the county commission meeting to get their message across. They're asking commissioners for help with clean up and to alleviate flooding there and near Erving Creek.

Neighbors said both areas can be as beautiful and safe as the greenway along Sugar Creek if the county will do its part. Residents say the creek water needs to be tested.

One neighbor brought samples of the water after the flood to show commissioners.

"(It) also shows E. coli present.  And I can tell you, this box smells really bad from the sewage that was collected in the creek," said Tammy Hill of the Stewart Creek Environmental Association.

Residents said if the county doesn't step in, the water will have a serious health impact on their families and children.