• DOT trucks salt roads ahead of bigger snow

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte City and North Carolina State road crews say salt and brine they laid over the past few days helped keep the snow melting as it hit the road Tuesday. They hope that salt will help melt some of the snow that's expected Wednesday, but told Eyewitness News that plows are ready as well.
    City and County officials came together Tuesday night to say they expect Wednesday to be a large weather event.
    "Current predictions are that travel will be treacherous," said Ron Carlee, Charlotte city manager.
    "We are facing a significant weather event," said Danny Pleasant, CDOT director.
    "I don't plan on being out here," said Teddy Sudler, from Charlotte.
    "I'm going to stay in," said Clifford Boyd, from Charlotte.
    That's exactly what officials urged people to do. Charlotte Department of Transportation told us that it will salt tomorrow and then plow when accumulation builds up. It will focus on bridges, hospitals entrances and areas emergency personnel call in. It said it hopes to get to neighborhoods.
    The North Carolina Department of Transportation said it has 100 trucks ready to go and that it will drop salt first as well. If accumulation starts building up it will plow and then drop salt behind the plows to prevent what falls from building up and getting packed down.
    "We just keep plowing until we get to bare pavement then we continue to place the salt," said Mike Campbell, from NCDOT.
    NCDOT said it has conference calls with other parts of the state twice a day. If extra help is needed in our area, local crews are ready to ask. The city said it has contractors on call that it can call if that's necessary.

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    DOT trucks salt roads ahead of bigger snow