Rock Hill Schools over-reimbursed nearly $1 million after error in counting meals

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Rock Hill Schools were over-reimbursed by the federal government by nearly $1 million when COVID-19 protocols changed how it counted meals.

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The district said it happened when it went from counting government-funded meals on the computer to counting them manually last school year.

In return, the district was reimbursed $975,000 worth of meals that were not served.

Rock Hill Schools district officials told Channel 9 they have gone back to the computer system to count breakfasts and lunches.

They are working with the USDA to resolve the issue.


Statement from district:

“The emergence of the pandemic caused Rock Hill Schools to change several processes across the district – one of which was how breakfast and lunch meals were counted. In the 2021 school year, during this transition of moving from a computer-based reporting system to counting meals manually, a discrepancy in meal counts was discovered.

“The discrepancy resulted in an overage being reported from an outside vendor’s meal counts. Once the district discovered the discrepancy, an investigation was initiated. For the 2022 school year, the district has moved back to a computer-based counting system to avoid any future discrepancies. Rock Hill Schools is fully cooperating with the USDA to resolve this issue.”

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