• Rock Hill woman accused of starting fight with high school student

    By: Ken Lemon


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A Rock Hill woman is facing charges after police said she fought with a student at a high school Thursday.

    Rock Hill police said Angel Robertson, 36, went to Northwestern High School and met a student in the courtyard, took off her coat and started a fight.

    Authorities said Robertson's son Brandon Nelson, 21, and Trequon Sanders,18, also are being charged in connection with the altercation, along with three teens ages 15 to 16.

    "I really can't believe this mother came up here," student Malcolm Curry said.

    Robertson said she got a call from her son saying some male students threatened to beat up her daughter.

    She said she went to school and saw someone about to throw a punch at her daughter and she stepped in.

    She doesn't blame anyone else for what happened next.

    “I take responsibility because I could have handled it differently," Robertson said.

    School spokesman Mychal Frost said Robertson got on campus through the one open area that allows visitors access to the office to sign in first.

    She didn't stop to sign in.

    "We have to now step back and look at different situations and see how we can change and prevent these in the future," Frost said.

    He said, fortunately, police were doing a demonstration at a school next door, so several of them rushed over to sort things out.

    Robertson said that while she was in jail, she had a chance to talk to a student who also was arrested.

    She said she asked him if it was worth it.

    He said, “No.”

    Robertson now considers him a good person.

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