• Rock the Red canceled; organizers and location managers at odds

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Rock the Red canceled; organizers and location managers at oddsA big event for conservatives during the Democratic National Convention was suddenly canceled Wednesday, and now, organizers and the managers of Bojangles Coliseum are at odds over who's at fault.

    The concert, called Rock the Red, featured the Charlie Daniels Band, Lee Brice and Travis Tritt. It was promoted through billboards and radio ads as a rally for people with conservative values.

    "(We were) super excited," said attorney John Snyder, who represents the organizers. "We had a great lineup."       

    On Facebook, Eyewitness News found plenty of support for the event.        

    However, Snyder said they only sold 300 tickets.      

    "We didn't sell tickets, and the avenue to sell tickets didn’t help us," he said.

    Snyder blames the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, which manages Bojangles Coliseum. He said the CRVA gave Ticketmaster the wrong information, so some people couldn't find the event to buy tickets. He also says despite the organizers' requests, CRVA did not help market it.

    "We asked for that help," he said. "(We were) willing to pay for it, no issues there, and they wouldn't."       

    CRVA said the organizers didn't meet "contractual obligations." The contract with the CRVA shows organizers paid the CRVA a deposit of $11,500. CRVA officials said they warned organizers two weeks ago that another payment toward the total $30,000 fee was due on Aug. 29, but it was never paid.       

    CRVA also said the concert was listed correctly with Ticketmaster and pointed out the contract "did not call for any marketing support from the CRVA."  

    Snyder said with the deposit, advertising costs and money to reserve the artists, the organizers are out about $64,000. However, he said they fully intend to reimburse people who bought tickets. They would also like to organize and host an alternate event.

    The organizers of Rock the Red issued a statement late Thursday refuting some of CRVA's responses and providing information for refunds. The statement said people looking for a refund can call 704-612-0007 or email refunds@rockthered.com.

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