• Roller-coaster temperatures push HVAC units to limits

    By: John Ahrens


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Some people are getting their heating, ventilation and air conditioning units checked out because of the fluctuation of outdoor temperatures.

    Residents have been going back and forth between heating and cooling their homes.

    "We didn't come south for this cool weather," Jim Woods, who is from Ohio, said. “We'd like to see some heat."

    He called technician Rik Williams to take a look at his HVAC unit, which is trying to maneuver through the temperature extremes.

    Temperatures in April so far have been well below average. In March, 70 percent of that month was below normal.

    "It's been kind of crazy going back and forth," Williams said. "On these cold snaps, we've had a lot of cases (of) people turning on the heat and it's not working."

    Temperatures will rebound into the 80s later in the week.

    "It’s definitely putting a little more stress, because cold components are getting hot and hot components are going to cold,” Williams said. “That can definitely throw it off."

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