• Deputy dragged before deadly officer-involved shooting


    ASHE COUNTY, N.C. - The SBI is investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened late Wednesday night in Ashe County, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

    A captain who has been in Ashe County for 33 years said it is the second officer-involved shooting she has seen at the Ashe County Sheriff's Office.

    There was another fatal shooting three years ago.

    The officers involved in the shooting Wednesday night were placed on administrative leave.

    The officers were called to Shatley Road for a disturbance. There are few details given about the call or what happened.

    Officers confronted Dallas Shatley, 62. They said he jumped in his car and drove away, dragging an officer.

    Anita Wood heard the commotion between the officers and her neighbor.

    “I heard the gunshots and told my husband. He said it was just firecrackers,” she said.

    It was shots fired by at least one of the three officers just yards from her front door.

    She wonders why officers killed a person she considered a good man.

    “He was always kind to me,” Woods said.

    Records in court reveal other neighbors and relatives who lived nearby saw Shatley in a very different light.

    Channel 9 found protection orders in court from neighbors who said Shatley threatened them with guns, blocked the road with his car and put nails in the road carefully covered by the dirt.

    One said all of the neighbors want him ordered to stay away.

    Shatley has been convicted four times for communicating threats and once for damage to property.

    The SBI is investigating his death.

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